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some stuff i've written about god

day 4: random chance, bad luck, and sunshine

Yes, there’s a brilliant spark of creative intent at the beginning of all things but also: random chance, bad luck, sunshine, shitloads of human free will, evolution (maybe? don’t judge me), and lots of general shenanigans / fuckery. (how long O Lord?)

Trying To Feel God

I’ve spent most of my life trying to feel God. Perhaps all along She was as close as my own skin.

Confessions of the Older Brother

I’ll break every rule I so carefully kept all these years, and blow all I’ve saved on riotous living. Maybe by throwing away everything, I’ll finally find the love I’ve been trying to earn all along.

Day 21: Walking with God

I used to think of God as always either calling or sending. But those ideas — calling or sending — suggest that god is somewhere other than right beside me I now think of god who as one who walks along with me,…

Should I Rethink My Theology? (a Flowchart)

Next time you’re talking about God, stop and listen to the words coming out of your mouth. Does the person you’re describing sound like an asshole? If so, consider it an invitation to rethink your theology. I know how scary…

Why My Boys Wore Spiderman Costumes to Church Today

“Daddy, can I wear my Spiderman costume to church?”  It’s Sunday morning and I’m trying to drink my second cup of coffee and procrastinating on getting dressed. “Go find some clothes so I can get you dressed,” I’d told Keenan….

A Prayer Into the Void

If this hole really is “God-shaped”… God must be vast indeed. If God can begin to touch (what feels like) the infinite depth of this chasm, God must be an infinite universe.

To the One Losing Her Faith

You tell me you don’t believe anymore. Your faith is slipping away, like sand through your open fingers. You say it as if it’s a simple thing, but between the words I can hear all you’re not saying: The sleepless nights…

The Holy Bible?

Today Brandon Chase is sharing a few thoughts on what the Bible means, and what we mean when we talk about it. These are eye-opening, provocative, and absolutely necessary questions. I’m grateful for his words.  “HOLY BIBLE” It’s imprinted on the genuine…

The Guest

It was after closing time when the guest walked in. I was cleaning up the dining room, resetting the tables, wiping down the line, emptying the trash cans. The kitchen was already cleaned, the grill turned off for the night….