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some stuff i've written about grace

The Civil War Wasn't Your Fault (and Other Things I Wish I'd Known)

“My system could have prevented the Civil War” is more than just laughable hubris. It carries the implicit suggestion that if we had only tried harder, done more, and followed the rules better, we could have prevented our own civil wars.

Confessions of the Older Brother

I’ll break every rule I so carefully kept all these years, and blow all I’ve saved on riotous living. Maybe by throwing away everything, I’ll finally find the love I’ve been trying to earn all along.

Experiencing Grace

“Experiencing radical grace is like living in another world. It’s not a world in which I labor to get God to notice me and like me. It’s not a world in which I strive for spiritual success.”  –Richard Rohr /// You…

Confessions of a Religious Asshole

Yesterday I got one of those comments on my blog. You know, one of the ones where horror turns to unintentional hilarity and then disbelief. One of those comments so bizarrely WRONG that you don’t know quite how to respond…

Incoherent Mumbled Prayers

“God, give me grace for today.” I don’t remember if I said it aloud, or just felt it trudge through my mind as a tired prayer. In that moment between looking at the clock on my phone and willing my…