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some stuff i've written about satire

The Prodigal (A Theologically Correct Parable)

Jesus loved using stories to mess with people’s theology.  One of my favorite stories from Jesus is the one we’ve come to know as “the parable of the Prodigal Son”. However, Jesus’ telling of it left out a few important theological points,…

Smartphones and Dumb People

Look up. They say we are a generation of smartphones and dumb people. Wasting our days on empty social media. Trading real life for an artificial world. Missing life because we’re looking down. So let’s return to a quieter time….

What I Wish Women Knew About Men

Dear Women, Summer is almost here, which means that us men are going to be forced to realize you have a body and skin and curves. This is very difficult for us men. We have to constantly be on guard against…

How Feminism Hurts Men

How Feminism Hurts Men

Yesterday somebody on Facebook told me that feminism elevates women at the expense of men, that its agenda to validate women emasculates us guys. He was right. For men, the rise of feminism has relegated us to second-class status. Inequality and…