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some stuff i've written about church


It’s been 207 days now since I have been to church. It’s been 207 days now since I have received the Eucharist, what once was to me the Body and Blood of God. There have been two exceptions: Rachel’s funeral…

To Church

I didn’t go to church yesterday. I didn’t go last week either, or the week before that (but that one was probably cancelled because of snow and ice anyways). I wish that I could. I wish that I could walk…

Why I Say Swear Words at Church Sometimes

“You’re not as special as you think you are.” That’s what Dave told me a few weeks ago. Up until that point, I thought I was pretty special. I thought I was special because I feel dead inside almost every…

Proposal to Revise a Word (or Two) of “Reckless Love”

The only thing worse than getting a song stuck in your head is getting a song stuck in your head whose theology you find mildly reprehensible. But such is the case with the overwhelming, never-ending catchiness of “Reckless Love” It’s…

God is Not an Asshole (and Other Things I Wish My Pastor Told Me)

We all wonder the same things: Is there a god? What is god like? And most of the time, we’re left wrestling with those questions alone.

Maybe I Don't Love the Church Anymore

I still long for SOMETHING to be the Kingdom of God here on earth, but I’m tired of hoping that any sort of thing labeled “Church” will actually be that thing.

day 11: short poems and unsolicited hugs

I get all the wackiest search terms that people type into Google and wind up on my blog. Today I’m going to share a few of them. This is going to be fun.

day 2: how life is supposed to feel

I’m realizing that “is this how this thing is supposed to feel?” is probably a counterproductive question. but still it runs laps through my head…

A Journey of Grief

I carry my grief with me wherever I go. I wish it didn’t take so long to move from the depths of our despair to a place where we can say life is good again. But it always does.

Letting Go

You do not have to write your own story. You do not have to believe all the right things. You do not have to be good. You only have to keep walking, and know that you have always been infinitely loved.